Best Free Font Generator Tools to Help You Shape the Text the Way You Desire

Whether you are working on a website’s interface, designing an HTML-based email copy, developing an application, or crafting an infographic, typography matters a lot. Overlooking typography could be false because you must pay attention to detail. Choosing the right typography can help you ensure optimum user experience and the right look for your website, email copy, application, infographic, or any other illustration.

Fonts play a key role in setting the mood and tone, which leads to optimum user experience. Fonts also work as an essential element of your web design as their distinct letterforms present the words the way you desire. Font generator tools can play a key part in helping you choose the right typography for your web design or interface. Whether you are a developer, designer, blogger, content creator, or an enthusiast, font generators could be perfect tools for you.

A plethora of exciting font generators is available online. However, choosing the best from the lot could be tricky. While you may find a lot of free font generators, it is not an easy task to learn the pros and cons of each tool. Hence, this article discusses some of the best free font generator tools to ensure the best typography and impress your target audience with distinct letterforms. Further details are given below.

This web platform is an actual online representation of “creativity meets typography” because of the versatile font style options it offers. You can access this platform to get your hands on an exceptional font generator and a wide variety of typefaces categorized according to users’ various requirements.

You can get typefaces related to fancy, cool, small, bold, glitch, latter case, symbol text, and cursive categories. It also works as a word art generator by offering users the option of creating text art. Hence, it is a multi-purpose online solution that serves as a word art maker and an exceptional font generator. Here is why we have ranked it at the top of our list of best font generator tools.

  • Offers a wide variety of typeface categories.
  • Works as an exceptional word art generator.
  • Offers a friendly interface.
  • Totally free to use.
  • Ensures users’ privacy.
  • Offers unmatched variety.
  • Suitable for various users.
  • Requires no registration or installation.
  • Compatible with various devices, browsers, and platforms.

When it comes to highly popular online platforms offering exceptional font generator tools, you can’t overlook This online platform stands out from the rest of the crowd for various reasons. You can get your hands on a plethora of typefaces with this tool. Hence, we are pretty sure that after using this font generator, you will find the typeface that meets your requirements.

Most typefaces available on this platform are free to use, and the platform doesn’t cost a single dime for downloading them. The variety of typefaces you will find on this platform ranges from conventional fonts to ultra-futuristic options. Hence, no matter what type of interface you are designing, you will get the perfect match from this platform. Here is what makes it special.

  • Offers over 89,000 typefaces.
  • Most typefaces are free and easily downloadable.
  • There is no need to sign up or log in.
  • Accessible through various devices.
  • Offers various symbols and emojis along with letterforms.


Fotor is a renowned online platform that is mostly popular because of its online photo editing, video editing, and AI tools. However, very few people know about its exceptional font generator. This tool offers a wide variety of fancy font styles without charging a single dime. Hence, if you want to get your hands on a top-notch font generator, this online tool by Fotor could be an option.

It offers an extensive collection of free copy-and-paste fonts usable across various places. It instantly converts the simple text you write in the given box to your desired typeface. Hence, you can use it anytime to transform text into appealing typography without any hassles. Here are some great things that make this font generator stand out.

  • Typefaces are sorted into multiple categories.
  • Offers unique typeface categories like Barbie and Tattoo.
  • Allows users to convert simple text to social media relevant typefaces.
  • Simple to use and cross-platform compatible.
  • Totally free to use.


This tool is nothing but a treat for graphic designers. It is available as a font generator extension for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, helping designers find their desired typefaces easily while crafting visuals. It allows designers to easily design fonts by dragging and dropping characters, altering kerning, modifying font metrics, and articulating ligatures.

Designers can also easily export articulated fonts in various formats and use them across various platforms. Hence, it can help artisans create unique and bespoke typography. FontSelf could be your perfect companion whenever you seek a unique font style. However, it is worth mentioning that newbies may find it difficult to use, as it is an extension for high-end design tools. Some standout things about this tool are listed below.

  • Works as a design tool extension.
  • Enables users to design unique font styles.
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems.
  • Allows users to generate cross-platform compatible fonts.


The last entry on our list of top font generator tools is DaFont. It is an online platform that offers multiple typefaces for commercial and personal use. This platform has built an active community of contributors and authors who constantly add new typefaces to its library. Users who want to get their hands on fresh and unique font styles access the platform and download them.

Another great thing about this platform is its ability to offer distinct font styles. You won’t see similar typefaces uploaded with different names on this platform. This platform is equipped with a comprehensive library featuring a wide variety of font styles ranging from fun typefaces to elegant serifs. Hence, this platform can be a perfect typography provider for you. Here are some great things about it.

  • Offers typefaces categorized according to various themes.
  • Provides users with fonts shaped according to foreign scripts.
  • Also offers Bitmap and Pixel-themed typefaces.
  • Users can also get handwritten, brush, and calligraphy fonts.

In the End

Choosing the right font for the interface could be tricky. However, knowing the right font generator tools or platforms can make things easier. We have discussed a few top free font generators that can help you give the text a custom shape. Hopefully, you will find the right fit from the above-listed tools!

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