Top Spots Shoes For All – Types, Top Picks from ASICS & How to Choose

Our choices reflect our personality—shoes included. The appearance and quality of your shoes directly indicate the importance of health in your life. Hence, the best way to truly cement our commitment to fitness is with the right athleisure. As a woman of the present, health is as equally important as style, and to nail the perfect fitness regime the right sports shoe is a must. ASICS India’s online sports footwear collection is just the place to start and nail this journey. 

Through this blog, we will elaborate on the top 5 sports footwear and learn some handy tricks on choosing the best-fitting sports shoes for women for the eventual best performance.

Trailblazers: The 5 Best ASICS Sports Shoes


Presenting the masterpiece that defines sleek styles and cutting-edge the ASICS GEL-QUANTUM 180 VII. This shoe combines function and fashion with the breathable jacquard mesh upper keeping your feet cool, while the minimal layers and clean lines ensure a versatile look that goes with anything. QUANTUM 180VII not only guarantees style and breathability but also packs a comfort punch. The Advanced GEL technology absorbs shock with every step, making your routines and everyday adventures more exciting. The unique “scutoid” shape mimics natural movement for a smooth, supported running experience. QUANTUM 180 VII is like stepping into a fancy cloud making it the most comfortable sportstyle shoe


For women who rock the baseline play, hear this out! The GEL-RESOLUTION 9 is the best tennis shoe for women in India who want to rule the courts. Providing Unmatched stability and cushioning for powerful baseline play with the revamped DYNAWRAP tech, It functions as a built-in pressure gauge, kicking in when you need it most for locked-down support during that split-second burst of energy in your runs. Speaking of stability, DYNAWALL technology gets an upgrade, now extending into the heel for rock-solid support on even the trickiest lunges and side steps. Need to cover ground fast? The full-length outsole and segmented heel work together for a stable landing platform, so you can recover quicker and be ready to crush the next shot. Comfort and control on the court, all in one shoe – that’s the GEL-RESOLUTION™ 9 advantage.


Calling all commanders! The ASICS SOLUTION SPEED FF 2 is your secret weapon for ruling any game. Built for explosive speed but with stability that won’t quit, this shoe lets you dominate the tracks. Lightning-fast starts and changes of direction are a breeze thanks to the perfect combo of a flexible fit and a supportive upper with a PU coating.

The DYNAWRAP technology also acts like a built-in anchor, keeping your forefoot locked in during those split-second movements. The TWISTRUSS technology propels your sprints to your goal with assured comfort, and the redesigned outsole grips the track like crazy. The SOLUTION SPEED FF 2 is all about excelling your personal goals and taking complete control of the day.


One of the top online shoes in India is the ASICS GEL-KAYANO 30, which is made to handle any length of race, even marathons. Your ideal running companion, it packs incredible stability and cushioning into a lightweight design. Let’s explore the technology that makes it unique. Increased stability is provided by the broader support regions, more inclined heel, and flared forefoot of the revolutionary 4D GUIDANCE SYSTEM. Moreover, it has an arch recovery pod in the midsole that supports and aligns your arch for a well-proportioned stride. Still, that’s not all! The FF BLAST PLUS ECO midsole, a cushioning substance with around 24% eco-friendly content, is upgraded in the shoe. 

This delivers unbelievable softness with each step, making your runs smoother and more comfortable. Finally, strategically placed PureGEL technology in the heel absorbs shock and offers 65% more cushioning than standard ASICS GEL.

What To Watch Out For

It’s important to choose the right running shoes, especially for ladies. Women’s foot anatomy and biomechanics need to be considered while selecting running shoes. When searching for the ideal ASICS sports shoe, bear the following ideas in mind:

  • Fit Like a Glove: Your running shoes should have the same sensation as your foot. Look for features that support your arches and heels, alternatives for varying widths, and plenty of room between the toes. This keeps you comfy during every run and helps to avoid blisters and injuries.
  • Cloud-Like Cushioning: Impact occurs with each step. Select footwear with a dependable cushioning system, such as the GT-2000 11, Gel-Excite 9, and Gel-Kayano Lite 3. These innovations maintain your runs pleasant and seamless by absorbing shock and giving you a light, responsive feel.
  • Support, Breathe, and Conquer: Stability and arch support are provided by the correct running shoe, particularly if you have an overpronating gait. Every run is easier because of the lightweight, breathable materials that keep your feet cool and reduce strain.


Choose from ASICS’ selection of the top running shoes for women in India instead of settling for any old running shoe. Fit, cushioning, and breathability should be your top priorities whether you’re riding the trails or the roads for optimal performance. The ideal ASICS trainer will hug your feet, use cutting-edge technology to absorb impact and use lightweight, breathable fabrics to keep your feet cool. So put on some laces, notice the difference, and achieve your exercise objectives in comfort and stylishly.

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