Top 5 Jewellery trends to follow this Season with AMAMA

For any fashion-conscious human, the changes in weather are mirrored with new styles that inspire and rekindle love in one’s wardrobe. Over the years, jewellery has become more diverse and eye-catching, coming up with new designs, new materials, and new statements that are impossible to overlook. This year, AMAMA, the exclusive designer and manufacturer of superior handmade jewellery, has once again provided you with a range of pieces that are both, glamorous and trendsetting, which gives you the chance to step up your fashion statement. Let’s explore 5 jewellery trends you can follow this Season with Amama.

Pearls: Pearl Coaster Hoops

The Essence of Classic Elegance, Pearls have always been considered symbols of elegance for decades, and in this season, they are coming back in style. A simple pearl strand necklace or a beautiful pair of pearl drop earrings can elevate the elegance of the outfit in ways that are undeniable.

AMAMA’s  Pearl Coaster Hoops is an elegant display of the beauty of these stones, it can easily give that wonderful shift from day wear to night wear. This rare choice of pearl is crafted to look influential. These hoops are handcrafted with pearl and metal dressed in 22kt gold plated and can turn the most mundane into fabulous.

Gold Earrings: Maxima Ear Stack 

Your ensemble will be taken to the next level with the Maxima Ear Stack. The beauty and detail of this luxurious piece are clearly evident as it exudes sophistication and simplicity. These exceptional gold earrings can be styled in various ways to suit the individual’s preferred appearance. Ideal with some classy clothing to give that extra touch of elegance and formality. 

These pieces are meant to be attention-grabbing and assertive while fitting in well with your particular fashion preferences. Wear the stylish earrings with a cocktail dress for an evening event, or enhance the simple style of your outfit for work or other casual occasions with this Gold aesthetic.

Layered Necklaces: Stellar Layered Necklace 

Comfort and Class with a Serving of Personality, the act of wearing necklaces in a layered fashion has become a trend that has been embraced since it not only gives you an opportunity to show the world who you are and what you love but also to create a beautiful and balanced look that is not difficult to pull off.

The Stellar layered Necklace is a particular layered necklace made of fine quality materials and is presented in a style suitable for elegant wear. It has a multi-layered appearance that provides a visually engaging look and feel to the necklace and the materials used for constructing it afford it a high level of durability This piece of jewellery is useful on special occasions as well as in normal everyday wear, it is a piece that should not be missed in any wardrobe.

AMAMA has a beautiful selection of necklaces that include intricate chains and pendants as well as charms that can be combined in a myriad of ways to create a stunning layered look. Regardless of whether one prefers elegant and simple accessories or chunky and flashy ones, it is possible to assemble a collection that will capture one’s individuality to the last degree.

Statement Earrings: The Liana Bow Earrings in Sparkling White 

The single best thing you can add to an outfit is large and bold earrings. AMAMA’s selected Silver Earrings For Ladies is clearly a true style statement due to the bright and intensive colours, which means that the audience will want to stop and discuss them.

With elegance being a major driving force behind the creation of Liana Bow Earrings in Sparkling White, the jewellery item is laden with bling to enhance your fashion level to new standards. No matter whether worn with leisure clothing or formal wear, they always introduce a unique shine to the attire.

Layers of massive hoops and statement chandelier earrings, architectural and geometric shapes, Amama offers all the primary features in their statement earrings that are bound to become your main wardrobe accessory turning any event into a glamorous affair.

Stackable Rings: Vine Crest Rings Set of 3

Presenting Vine Crest Rings, a beautiful range of three gold rings that are ideal for both formal and casual occasions. The vine crest impression that surrounds Finger Rings For Ladies gives a more refined touch to any attire. Crafted out of quality materials, these rings can be worn for long intervals and do not easily break. Vine Crest Rings bring a new level of style and sophistication into your lifestyle.


To this end, AMAMA has demonstrated its commitment to workmanship and fine craftsmanship in every accessory it offers to its clients. If you follow the above five trends of this season for artificial jewellery online India, you will look fashionable and be able to add more unique and stylish accessories to your collection that will also serve as classics for years to come.

While browsing through the piece of art that is AMAMA’s offering, don’t lose sight of the fact that fashion is not a mere emulation of current trends, but a celebration of one’s personality and self-assuredness. Every one of them is designed to motivate and encourage the fabulous you and bring out your inner glow so that you can sparkle no matter the event.

Whether you are dressing up for some occasion going out on the town, or living for the times that are ordinary, AMAMA’s list of the top jewellery trends should be your go-to guide to the best in style and attitude. Leave nothing to chance, but have fun with it by wearing the season’s most popular styles and expressing yourself in the most dazzling manner.

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