Lucky Fish Shooter – Summary of details on how to play at Hi88

Lucky fish shooting creates a global betting entertainment trend with an extremely large number of players. The gameplay is simple but the reward value is extremely high, creating opportunities for users to make profits. In the article below, Hi88 will provide you with detailed introduction information about this game.

Overview Introduction to Shooting God of Fortune Fish

Bắn cá thần tài  is one of the most well-received Fishing Game versions on the market. The special point that creates the attraction of the game is the design. Eye-catch88ing graphics, dominated by the ocean world combined with modern elements. The graphics have the same combination of images of chests of gold, silver, and gems, creating attraction for players.

Overview and introduction to shooting lucky fish.

The game still retains the standard rules, basically the same as other Fishing versions. Therefore, if you are familiar with this lobby, you can easily get acquainted and join. Even for new players, the rules are extremely simple. Hi88 fish shooting sets extremely high payout rates when winning, so it can bring great benefits to members.

The Most Detailed Rules of Fish Shooting God of Fortune

Although the basic rules are the same as other fish shooting games, the God of Fortune version has differences in the regulations on creatures and features. Therefore, before starting, members should learn about the rules, how to participate, and the reward mechanism. Hi88 summarizes detailed information for you below:

Levels for shooting fortune fish

The game is divided into many levels corresponding to different bet levels and difficulty levels. Depending on each supplier, the level names will be different, but basically there will be the following 3 levels:

Magic fish shooting levels at Hi88.

  • Easy: With names like village pond, novice,… is the simplest level, suitable for new players. The bet range is set to be of little value, often in the spirit of experience. Therefore, if you play at an easy level, the money earned will not be too high.
  • Moderate: Has other names such as big lake, popular,… is a level of moderate difficulty. This is the most popular level with the largest number of players. The bet level is set at a reasonable range, if you win there will still be a significant profit. Both limit risks and ensure results.
  • Difficult: Also known as giant, ocean, master,… is the most difficult level. Players spend large bets looking for opportunities to receive huge rewards. If you have solid skills, this level is extremely ideal for you to make money.

Regulation of prey and features

The prey in Hi88 Fish Shooting is sea creatures as well as other big bosses. Each type of creature is assigned a specific value, recorded in the game rules. Every time you defeat a child, the prize will be added to your budget. The general rule is that big fish are more valuable than small fish, the boss will have the highest reward rate.

To create favorable conditions for members when participating in hunting, especially with big bosses, the house has additional features. These features will often help increase attack power, typically:

  • Automatic aiming: The player chooses the prey for the system to automatically aim from the moment it is selected until it is taken down or the fish escapes. The machine only aims, firing is up to you.
  • Automatic firing: This feature allows the system to both self-aim and fire bullets without needing to press manually. You just need to choose the prey, the system will hunt the prey for the customer.
  • Electric gun: This is an additional weapon, capable of defeating large fish and significantly reducing the power of the boss. Electric guns stun prey and reduce movement speed.
  • Freezing: A feature that causes prey to completely stop for a certain period of time. During this time, players will take advantage and put resources into shooting down creatures.
  • Radiation gun: Suitable for shooting in groups, each time the gun fires many bullets will spread out. The number of baits taken in one go also increases.

Process of betting on lucky fish

A game takes place with basic operations, convenient for members. Hi88 Fishing Hall has many affiliate halls from different publishers. Players have the option to access and search for “Fish Fish Shooting”. To enter the room, select the level you want to experience.

The process of betting on Hi88 lucky fish is extremely simple.

Depending on each level, there are regulations on betting ranges, members choose a level within the allowed valid range. Every time a bullet is fired, it’s a bet to find a chance to hunt successfully. The bait will be immediately exchanged for rewards, added directly to the budget. Accumulated previous turn rewards can be used for future turns.


Lucky Fish Shooter is truly a quality game product, worth experiencing for members at game Hi88 game portal. The house ensures transparency in payouts and many incentives specifically for this format. Please follow the forum to continue updating the latest information about Fishing Game as well as other betting formats.

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