How to Use CapCut Trending Templates: 2024 Guide

CapCut is an excellent free video editing app for creating high-quality content for social media. But do you know that trending templates are available within CapCut that are designed to enhance your videos with just one click?

These pre-made edits take the guesswork out and allow you to add a professional touch as well as trendy effects to your videos in the blink of an eye. This blog post will shed light on Capcut trending templates and how to use them to make content go viral on TikTok.

What are CapCut Trending Templates?

CapCut trending templates are pre-built video edits that pop up with the latest trends on social media platforms. These templates come with pre-set transitions, effects, and music, making it incredibly easy to create pro-quality videos. 

From simple to subtle changes like color grading to adjusting text animation, you can choose any template of your choice. No matter, if it’s a viral TikTok dance, a trending challenge, or a popular meme format, there’s likely a CapCut template to do this.

Simply put your photos and videos into these new trend templates, and you’re ready to go viral on social media platforms. 

Why are CapCut Templates Trending?


In recent years, content creation has become the next big thing in the digital world. Millions of people compete to be the next big influencer. As a result, there is a greater demand for user-friendly and efficient video editing tools. Capcut templates precisely address this demand, giving users a simple yet creative way to create engaging videos that people crave to watch. 


If you want high-quality Insta and TikTok reels, video editing can be time-consuming. CapCut trending templates cut down the editing time and give you a ready-made video format. Now, you can more focus on content creation rather than the nitty-gritty of editing. The ease of use and accessibility of these templates to anyone with a smartphone have risen its popularity. 

High-Quality Videos

Capcut’s templates are designed by professional editors, ensuring the highest quality of slow motion videos. So, you don’t need to worry about the final edit. This is very helpful for small businesses, influencers, and content creators who are always seeking fresh ways to increase the quality of their work. 

Boost Engagement

CapCut trending templates ignite your own editing ideas. Eye-catching templates grab viewers’ attention and boost engagement on your social media platforms. Using trending templates ensures your content is in line with what’s popular, increasing your chances of engaging a wider audience.

Stay on Trend

Another factor that makes them trending is the availability of a variety of templates catering wide range of themes. The variety of templates keeps you updated on the latest video editing styles, ensuring your content feels fresh and relevant.

Exploring the CapCut Trending Templates

CapCut’s templates are constantly coming up with new trends. Here are some of the trending templates that have caught the attention of creators:

  • Intro and Outro Templates

Intro and outro templates are simply the video’s starting and end segments. These templates typically include text animations, transitions, and background music, giving your edit a professional look. Capcut templates let you effortlessly adjust the time, text, and other elements of your intro and outro without spending hours manually adjusting them.

  • Title Templates

Title templates are used to start scenes or in a few segments of a video. These themes typically include text animations, background music, and other effects to enhance the title’s visual attractiveness. Creators can choose the title template of their choice using Capcut, saving them time and effort from creating one from scratch.

  • Transition Templates

Transitions must be in every video to ensure a smooth flow between scenes. CapCut provides a variety of transition templates, including wipes, fades, dissolves, and more. These templates let you create a smooth transition without manually editing each scene.

  • Vintage Vibes Templates

CapCut vintage-inspired templates capture the essence of nostalgic and charming vibes. With retro filters, film grain effects, and high-quality transitions, you can add a timeless appeal to any of your edited videos. 

  • Animation Templates

Animation templates are a good way to increase visual appeal in a video. From basic text animations to more tricky effects like overlays, these templates may help your reel stand out. With Capcut templates, anyone can quickly add animations to their videos without any prior animation skills.

How to Use the CapCut Trending Templates?

Using CapCut trending templates is a breeze. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  • First things first, ensure you have the CapCut app installed on your device. It’s available for both Android and iOS.
  • Open the app and find the “Templates” section. Here, you’ll find a variety of trending templates categorized by popularity and themes.
  • Browse through the templates and select one that suits your content idea. Tap on the template to preview it.
  • Once you’ve chosen a template, add your own video clips or photos. The template will guide you on where to place your footage to get the best results.
  • While the templates are pre-designed you do further customization to make it your own. You can adjust the music, text, and effects to better fit your style.
  • After editing, export your video in the desired format and resolution. CapCut supports various formats suitable for different social media platforms. Once exported, you can directly share your video on TikTok, Instagram, or any other platform.


CapCut trending templates are an effective solution for any video maker who wants to remain popular. It is easy to use, time-saving, and guarantees that your content stays on trend in the changing social media world. 

Whether you are an experienced editor or a beginner, these templates help you make engaging videos that capture the essence of current trends.

So, what are you waiting for? Use new trend Capcut templates, express yourself, and prepare for your videos to go viral!

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