How Businesses Can Reach New Markets With Video Translation?

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Expanding into new markets is not just a choice for businesses anymore.Rather, it is a necessity in today’s dynamic global economy. Targeting new markets allows businesses to diversify their revenue streams. It means that they don’t have to rely on a single product and market, and they can generate revenue from different markets. This diversification of revenue stream is directly related to the risks of market fluctuations, shifts in consumer preferences, and many more factors. In order to enter new territories, it is important for brands and businesses to focus on the areas that can directly influence their consumer base such as the translation of their videos. A video translation company helps in the translation of these videos which are the direct display of what your business comprises.

You might not know this but according to research by Harvard Business Review, companies that diversify into new markets get to experience stable growth over time and with up to 47% less volatility. It means that fluctuation in business growth lessens and businesses are more likely to generate more revenue at a stable rate. Video translation is one of the factors that helps businesses reach new markets and stabilize their growth.

Video Marketing – An Essential Tool For Businesses

Video marketing is a part of marketing strategy which is essential for businesses. It builds brand awareness and enhances conversion rates. Video marketing leverages the storytelling technique that allows brands to create a genuine connection with the target audiences. Research by Google reveals that more than 65% of the audiences shop from brands with whom they feel an emotional connection. This is why adopting a storytelling technique is vital in video marketing.

Interactive and explainer videos are some types of videos that are frequently used in video marketing to allow the target audiences to actively participate in the visual content and later with the brand.

The Power of Translated Videos

When videos are translated in multiple languages, it allows businesses to easily cater to foreign audiences. Businesses can hire video translators from a translation services company and get professional and efficient translation solutions for their videos. In order to resonate marketing videos with the audience on a more personal level, businesses can also seek subtitling and dubbing services. This will make their videos more acknowledged by the target audiences.

Reaching New Markets For Businesses

Every market presents businesses a different set of opportunities and obstacles. The main goal is to incentivize opportunities and overcome barriers.

Breaking Linguistic Barriers Along With Building Cultural Connection

Video translation not only translates videos but allows brands to build a connection with the audience. This connection transcends the culture of the audience when humor and visuals are adapted for them. It is often seen that brands earn more when they translate their content into the native language of the target audiences.

More Audience Coverage

With the help of video translation, businesses translate all of their visual content which enhances their chances of getting the attention of the desired consumer base. Though strategies like word of mouth still exist today. Knowing more about the brand online before indulging in business with them is also a strategy that the audience uses. But if the difference in language arises, how can your audience get your point?

Other than the translation of websites, apps, and social media posts, the translation of videos is also very vital. This is where video translation services jump in. In this way, the targeted consumer base will have a deeper understanding of your brand and they are more likely to buy from you.

Competitive Edge

It is not compulsory that your rival brands are also using the same techniques as you are. Video translation is one thing that can be a game changer for you. It gives your business a competitive edge over their rivals and you are more likely to stay in the global marketplace for a longer time and with a strong presence.

Examples of Successfully Translated Video

Let’s talk about some examples where video translation was a successful attempt.


Wistia is a video marketing platform. It offers tools to create, modify, and analyze videos. Initially, Wistia catered to only English speaking audiences but in order to expand its reach, Wistia translated its explainer videos into 10 languages including German, French, and Spanish. This increased their website traffic by 40% and 20% rise in qualified leads from non-English speaking countries.


Shopify is an ecommerce hub that allows businesses to create their own ecommerce business and operate it remotely. It translated its educational videos into German and Spanish which led to an increase of 70% more business signups from new markets. 

Closing Statement!

Video translation surely plays an important role in making businesses recognizable in global markets. It helps them to cater to a large group of audience at the same time. It not only facilitates linguistic barriers but also builds a cultural connection with the audience. Other than that, it also gives brands a competitive edge over other businesses.

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