Travel agencies for international tours-A Comprehensive Guide 2024

With the tourism industry witnessing mammoth growth in the past couple of years, especially after COVID-19, the need for reliable travel agencies to take care of all your travel needs, visa arrangements, and safe and secure hotel bookings without you stressing it out yourself has been on the rise.

In the travel industry, there are numerous travel agencies with amazing international tours which have made the pursuit of global exploration all the more accessible. The sheer abundance of options nowadays, from accommodations to unique experiences, can certainly be overwhelming and confusing.

We have curated a list of best travel agencies for international tours who are amongst the best in worldwide travel and surely will make all your travel plans a smooth sail without any hiccups coming your way.

  • WanderOn
  • Holidify
  • MakeMyTrip
  • GoIbibo
  • ThomasCook
  • SOTC
  • Windmills Holidays
  • Dook Holidays

Top International Travel Agencies-A Detailed Review

  • WanderOn

A modern travel company that provides end-to-end travel packages in India and abroad, it is a growing backpacking travel agency, that also provides customized itineraries. WanderOn, is a versatile travel company arranging some of the best holiday packages and unrivalled leisure getaways to exotic, captivating destinations which are tailor-made to suit your needs & tastes.

What they offer

  • Provides end-to-end travel packages in abroad and India
  • Customised travel itinerary and community building.
  • Organises group excursions to unexplored destinations
  • They also organise Road trips, Bike Trips, Solo Travels and many more.
  • Their motto is to relieve you of the stressful process of Holiday planning.
  • An evolving & expanding backpacking travel community, they believe in professionalism and travel is their passion and life work.

Ratings:  4.9/5 Google

                 5/5 Tripadvisor

  • Holidify

A fairly new travel company addressing the pain points of the customers while booking their travel itinerary, Holidify allows users to look for their choice of travel destinations, plan their own travel itinerary and get access to flights and hotel deals, thus enabling users to explore their favourite destinations at affordable packages and also share their experiences via their own platform.

What they offer

  • It provides a variety of services, including holiday packages, travel guides and a selection of curated hotel listings.
  • The platform collaborates with multiple online travel agencies (OTAs) across various destinations and provides travellers with a superior end-to-end journey
  • They streamline the process of planning, booking, and experiencing their trips.
  • Their customers can choose and read in-depth information, choose from an exhaustive list of destinations according to their preferences, and plan their trip in entirety from scratch.
  • MakeMyTrip            

It is one of the best travel agencies in India for people who love to travel abroad but want to get accommodations and booking processes as well along with their travel itinerary. It is popular for offering competitive prices for flights as it has partnered with several domestic and international flight options, making it easier for customers to choose from a wide range of flights with flexible cancellation and refund policies.

What they offer

  • They offer flight bookings, Hotels and Trips all under the same platform.
  • Competitive prices and cancellation features are available.
  • Wide range of domestic and international flight options.
  • Easy refund policies
  • Easy navigation of their website.


  • GoIbibo

When seeking a budget-friendly best international tour agency, GoIbibo comes to the forefront. Its user-friendly platform provides travellers with a plethora of options for stays based on their preferences. The Go Stays and Hourly Stays feature offers affordable choices, coupled with easy payment options, making it a go-to for pocket-friendly travel amongst travellers. An affordable best international travel agency for budget stays, it provides travellers with a wide range of options based on their preferences and connects them with popular international hotels around their destinations.

What they offer

  • Reasonable and affordable flight and stay options.
  • User-friendly platform and user interface
  • Offers a wide range of options based on customer preferences
  • Well-connected with international travel partners and hotels

Ratings: 4.5/5

  • stands tall as a reliable travel companion, a go-to app that ensures a seamless booking experience for accommodations worldwide. With a presence in over 228 countries, it provides an extensive array of options, making decision-making a breeze. The abundance of property information, coupled with enticing deals, has made it a preferred choice for international stays.

What they offer

  • They offer a roof solution to all your holiday planning needs
  • They have partnered with trusted and reliable domestic and international hotels and flight options
  • They offer a plethora of discounts and other benefits.
  • Affordable and pocket-friendly

Ratings: 4.5/5

  • Thomas Cook

All kinds of international travelling are simplified through this travel agency. Known to be in the tourism business for ages, it has over 150 years of experience in the travel industry. All necessary documentation and paperwork are easily processed by Thomas Cook. From VISA services to Passport assistance, Travel Insurance, and Foreign Exchange, it serves as a comprehensive travel solution. Its meticulous handling of documentation and paperwork has made Thomas Cook a reliable choice for travellers worldwide. One of the top international travel agencies, Thomas Cook comes with a long-standing history of tourism and travel packages.

What they offer

  • 150 Years of experience in the travel and tourism industry.
  • They provide excellent documentation and paperwork services
  • They are a comprehensive travel solution
  • They come with a long-standing history of tourism and travel expertise
  • They offer streamlined and meticulously planned international travel packages

Rating: 3.9

  • SOTC

SOTC, an Indian-based travel agency,is a complete solution provider for those seeking fully personalised international travel experiences. From flight bookings to hassle-free returns, it has become a trusted partner in tailoring dream vacations.One of the best international vacation planners it gives you the opportunity to book a fully personalised international travel and also suggests amazing other options that suit your travel itinerary.

What they offer

  • Trusted partner in planning tailored dream vacations
  • You can book a customised international travel package
  • They also offer 24/7 customer service for seamless travel experiences
  • Specialises in group packages and family packages

Ratings: 3.8/5

  • Windmill Holidays

Windmill Holidays understands the nuances of customising travel experiences, offering trustworthy affiliations and value for money. Their 24*7 availability ensures a seamless journey planning experience. It has already booked international tour packages to some of the exotic destinations of the world giving travellers a lifetime experience of royal retreats, ski stays and adventure escapades.

What they offer

  • They offer complete travel packages from hotel bookings, tour packages, flight bookings, etc
  • They also offer VIP private tours and interesting and exciting excursions and tours
  • They also have trustworthy partnerships with all their travel partners and offer impeccable customer service
  • They offer value for money

Ratings: 5

  • Dook Holidays           

Dook Holidays, or Dook International, stands as a prominent name in the travel industry. Facilitating international tours for couples, families, or business purposes, it showcases picturesque destinations with detailed information. Dook Holidays has become synonymous with crafting international memories. It has covered over 500 destinations and made 2000+ group tours so far.

What they offer

  • A leading travel management company operating in CIS countries
  • They provide the best travel experience with great hotel stays and tour packages
  • They offer finely crafted travel experiences to all their customers around the world.
  • They also offer a wide range of customised Indian tour packages.



  1. What services are offered for international tours?

Some of the service that are offered for International tours by travel agencies are Flight Bookings, Travel assistance and packages, Documentation assistance, Hotel Reservations,etc

  1. How to choose the best travel agency for an international trip?

Some of the key features to choose the best travel agency for an international trip are background check, proper accreditations, a long history of travel experience offering packages and tours, customised offerings, their behaviour and tone of interaction while dealing with a customer, etc.

  1. What makes this travel agency the best for international tours?

As a top-tier travel solutions provider, WanderOn possesses the essential international travel expertise required to plan your trip seamlessly. Their selection of international tour packages promises to captivate your senses and cater to all your travel desires.

  1. Are customised international tour packages available?

Yes, you can get customised international tour packages.

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