An SEO Company Expert Guide to Mastering Retargeting Strategies

As an expert SEO company, we know the role of online marketing and the need to maximize your efforts. At the present time in the digital era, holding on to and attracting customers is a major problem. That is where the retargeting strategies are used, and digital marketing company like us can be your guide in this.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a targeted advertising technique that enables you to target those who have previously interacted with your website or mobile app but didn’t complete the conversion.

Through showing these users your branded ads on other websites or social media platforms while they are still browsing, you can keep your brand in the front of their minds. Also,  you can encourage them to come back and complete the desired action, whether it is a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or anything else.

Why is Retargeting Crucial?

Statistics show that the common conversion rate of all industries is 2.35%.

Such a figure implies that as much as 97.65% of visitors leave without performing the desired action.

Retargeting is a great chance to re-engage these visitors and may even convert them from visitors to customers.

Increased Conversions

Retargeting campaigns have been proven to give a significant boost to conversion rate as you are targeting people who have already demonstrated their interest in your products or services.


Visitors who have already been on your website are already familiar with you and, therefore, retargeting them is usually more cost-effective than acquiring new leads.

Brand Reinforcement

Retargeting ensures that your brand stays in the front of the minds of potential customers, thus increasing the level of brand awareness as well as recall.


Targeting ads based on the visitor’s previous interaction with your website will help you deliver personalized ads that are highly relevant.

Setting Up Retargeting Campaigns

As an SEO company, we recommend following these steps to set up effective retargeting campaigns.

Choose Your Retargeting Platform

Popular options include Google Ads Remarketing, Facebook Ads Retargeting, and various third-party retargeting platforms.

Install Tracking Codes

Place the necessary tracking codes (e.g., pixels or tags) on your website to capture visitor data.

Segment Your Audience

Divide your website visitors into different segments based on their actions, interests, or other relevant criteria.

Create Compelling Ads Creative

Design eye-catching ads with persuasive messaging and attractive visuals to entice users back to your site.

Set Your Retargeting Window

Determine the timeframe during which you want to display retargeting ads to visitors after they leave your site.

Monitor and Optimize

Regularly analyze your campaign’s performance and make adjustments to improve results.

Effective Retargeting: The Best Practices

As a leading digital marketing company, we’ve identified several best practices to help you maximize the impact of your retargeting campaigns

1. Analyze Your Audience and Strategy

Not all retargeting campaigns are similar as they are not all designed following the same template. Splitting your audience into different segments according to their browsing history, past purchases, or demographic will allow you to show them highly targeted and relevant ads that will resonate with them more.

2. Use Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are designed to automatically update as well as showcase the products and/or services that a particular user has viewed through your website. It can result in a big boost in engagement and conversion rates, precisely due to the fact that the approach is personalized.

3. Utilize Sequential Retargeting

Instead of showing the same ad over and over again, apply the method of sequential retargeting. This means that the user will be shown a set of ads in advance, and they will be taking the user through the sales ladder, and according to their changing issues and needs.

4. Leverage Multiple Channels

Ensure that you do not focus your retargeting efforts on one platform alone. A multi-channel approach should be attempted, therefore, the campaigns could be run on various platforms such as social media, display networks, and mobile apps which will definitely result in wide reach and increased impact.

5. Implement Frequency Capping

The retargeting is very useful and can be used wisely. This can be the reason for the fact that the users can be overwhelmed by the ads too much, and this can cause the ad fatigue and annoyance. Put in place frequency capping so as to limit the number of times your advertisements are shown to one person in a certain timeframe.

6. Testing and Improving it Constantly.

Targeted campaigns are not an all-round cure. Keep on testing out different ad creatives, messaging, and targeting parameters to see what suits your audience the best. Take a look at the performance data and make changes based on the data on a constant basis to keep the campaign on the right track.

Most digital marketing company or SEO company follow these practices for their clients to achieve the best results.

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