A Summoners War: Sky Arena Guide on Guilds

Sure, your own decisions, strategies, and gameplay are the major things that will contribute to the progress and overall growth of your team. However, it is nice to think that there are other players who can be your friends and allies in this gaming world.

Summoners War: Sky Arena also features guilds that allow different players from all over the world under a similar server to team up and vision the same objectives. Make new friends inside the guild while you are also receiving a hefty amount of rewards as you fight alongside each other.

Guilds in Summoners War: Sky Arena offers a lot of bonuses and we are to cover all that in this brief guide. Start your journey on this side of the gaming world as you buy Summoners War accounts or simply create your own.

What is a Guild

A guild is basically a group made by the guild leader with the goal of collecting other players to work together to finish quests together. While each of you still has to continue your progress individually, you will have to work together under some circumstances.

You can join a guild through a request or an invitation. Regardless of the method, being a member of a guild unlocks three game modes for you: Tartaros Labyrinth, Guild Fighting (GvG), and Occupation Combat (GvO).

Tartaros Labyrinth

The first new game mode is the Tartaros Labyrinth. Here, you will have to remove these glowing squares by defeating the monsters hiding inside each of them. The goal of this mode is to open the boxes until you find Tartaros, the boss of this Labyrinth.

In order to defeat Tartaros, you are required to have 3000 points. That is why working together is crucial in this one. Upon defeating the boss, the guild will receive the reward.

Guild Fighting (GvG)

In simple terms, GvG is also called Guild Wars. This is where your guild has to face another guild of the same level and try to attack or defend.

For every turn, there will always be one attacker and one defender. The goal of the attacker is to either destroy the base of the enemy or deal enough damage under a given time. Failure to do so will result in defenders winning. On the other hand, the objective of the defender team is to protect the base and prevent the tower from receiving too much damage.

The rewards of winning the guild wars are invocation stones. The number of invocation stones to receive varies depending on the ranking of the guild.

Occupation Combat (GvO)

In this game mode, three guild parties are involved. The goal here is to fight with each other and expand your territory until your guild conquers the whole area.

Each guild has an assigned color which makes it easier to notice whether you are on the upper hand or on the losing side. However, the battles in this game mode only happen twice every week in two different rounds.

The possible rewards for winning this game mode are crystals, occupation points, trophy chests, and trophy light chests.

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