Which Game-Time Celebrities Live in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is among the biggest tourist destinations in the United States of America. For good reason too, as it has certainly earned the name “Sin City”, with fabulous magic shows, burlesque theater, and a ton of late-night fun. But, the fun is not all that Vegas is known for.  

Impeccable shows, a fascinating history with heavy ties to the mafia, and fancy resorts all make up what is the City of Sin. It is unsurprising then, that quite a lot of celebrities have decided to make Las Vegas there home.

Though many have wondered if visiting Las Vegas is worth it in 2024. After all, why travel when you can play Live Casino Games at Big Boost Casino in India? Well, one of the reasons is that you might come across one of your favorite celebrities that have decided to make the city their home.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is, by far, one of the most respected and beloved boxers of the 21st century. Throughout his career he won 15 major world championships in the super featherweight to light middleweight division, and in 1996 won the bronze medal as an amateur in the Olympics.

Mayweather retired in 2017, with an undefeated record. At the end of the 2010s, he was named “Fighter of the Decade” by the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA), which was the pinnacle of his highly awarded and respected career.

Though he is retired now, Mayweather continues to support the sport by operating as a boxing performer. He is also the owner of a NASCAR Cup Series – The Money Team Racing. Mayweather also owns a boxing gym called the Boxing Club in Chinatown Plaza, Las Vegas, the city which he calls home.

The former pro boxer currently resides in a 2000 m2, five-bedroom custom-built mansion in Las Vegas. He can often be seen on the strip or for a night on the town. Mayweather also operates as a boxing promoter, so you might see him in one of the city’s many boxing arenas and establishments, as well as in his boxing gym.

Celine Dion

Perhaps one of the biggest stars in the world, Celine Dion is best known for her contributions to the Titanic soundtrack, and her revitalization of the Las Vegas Strip. Though it is hard to pin down where the incredibly talented singer lives these days, as she is constantly touring, she has certainly made Las Vegas a place of residence for a long time.

In fact, many historians and cultural critics credit Celine Dion as the woman who single-handedly revitalized and revolutionized the Vegas Strip’s entertainment scene. Dion signed a $100 million contract for Vegas residency, which to this day is considered one of the riskiest contracts in the touring industry.

With her sheer presence, Dion contributed heavily to the Strip’s entertainment scene. But, her performances not only drew a massive audience, but also encouraged other artists to perform in Sin City. In many ways, Celine Dion is responsible for making Las Vegas one of the busiest cities, as far as entertainment is concerned. For that, she deserves to be mentioned as one of Las Vegas’ most iconic residents.

Imagine Dragons

In the early 2010s, Imagine Dragons were at the height of popularity, with multiple of their songs featuring on the Billboard Top 100s. The band also won several awards during this era, including the 2014 Billboard Music Awards for Top Group, and the Top Hot 100 Artists. They remain quite popular today, especially in Vegas where the band is based out of.

Imagine Dragons have a long and storied history with Sin City. Dan Reynolds, the band’s lead singer, grew up in Vegas, and recently donated his childhood home to an organization responsible for protecting at-risk youth. Other members of the band have made Las Vegas their home, however, their residence remains a mystery, as the members value their privacy.

David Copperfield

Born David Seth Kotkin, the illusionist and magician who is best-known under his moniker “David Copperfield” (likely inspired by Charles Dickens’ novel of the same name), is one of the biggest acts in magic. In fact, Forbes has referred to him as the most commercially successful magician in human history.

David Copperfield’s illusions are well-known and well-loved worldwide. Many have compared him to the greats in the business, like Penn & Teller, Harry Houdini, and many more. A lot have also called him the best of the bunch. And indeed, there is no denying that his shows are iconic and incredibly popular.

David Copperfield’s long career has been met with trials, tribulations, and ultimately, a lot of rewards. In the 40 years during which he has been performing, Copperfield has broken 11 Guinness World Records, been named a Living Legend by the US Library of Congress, and even been awarded a knighthood by the French government.

Though best known for his magic, Copperfield also has an entrepreneurial spirit. He manages 11 resorts throughout the Bahamas. Before 2020, Copperfield was famous for his daily performances in Las Vegas, where he still resides to this day.

Honorable Mentions

There are plenty of Las Vegas residents that we simply did not have the chance to get to in this article. Mike Tyson, for example, is probably Las Vegas’ most iconic resident. The former boxer may just be one of the most successful, if not the successful combat sports athlete of all time.

Former playboy bunny, writer, fashion icon, and reality show star Holly Madison has also made Las Vegas her home. She currently resides in a Las Vegas home, and has released books about her experiences in the Playboy Mansion and her move to Vegas.

Paulie Shore may be one of the most iconic comedians of the 80s and 90s. Though his popularity has veined over the years, he still remains an icon of the comedy world, especially with his ties to The Comedy Store comedy club, which was founded by his parents, and is currently operated by his brother.

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