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Promise we break them , Memories They break us .

If God is all you have, you have all you need.

when i got attached, you left.

Lets make it short and simple, I love you.

Silence is better than explaining

i wanna mute my overthinking

i’m tired, i need money

im 99.9% sleepy all day

i’m hurt but i’m always silent

I hide my pain with a smile

You are mine, i cant share

my “okay” will never be okay

i really miss our old talks

damn, i love you everyday

dear someone, i need you

i’m strong but i cry quickly

Trying to be better everyday

You’re mine and i’m yours

i hate texting, i wanna see you

Mood: forever missing you

Tired, sad and overthinking

you’re not mine but i miss you everyday

overthinking is my partner at night

i wanna be kissed & hugged by you

i wanna be okay, i wanna feel fine

if i care for you, i care until the end

I’m still trying to be happy and fine

i break my own heart by caring too much

You’re the reason why I’m smiling again

pretending to be okay is not easy at all

please be safe i care about you a lot

sometimes it’s better to say nothing

i need a unexpected happy message

i miss having a life without stress

i wanna be that person u’r scared to lose

fu*k, i’m inlove with someone i can’t have

Choose people who choose you.

Just a year ago, things were so different.

It’s about who stays, not who promised.

I might be okay but I’m not fine at all.

Alone doesn’t mean lonely.

Tell me how it feels to be loved back.

What you see isn’t always the whole truth.

No more expectations from anyone.

Same lies, different people.

what hurts you, changes you.

i’ll never be that me again

I haven’t changed. I grew up

I miss someone who doesn’t miss me.

Mindset is what separates the Best from the rest.

Dear old days, i miss you.

Expect nothing and appreciate everything.

Tough times always teach you valuable lessons….

Things will change if u think in a positive way..

Small circle. Private life. Peaceful Mind.

Never settle for less than you deserve.

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.

My biggest problem is overthinking everything

My silence means I’m tired of everything

I have a lot of unsaid thoughts

Every time my phone vibrates, I hope it’s you

One unexpected message can heal a lot

it hurts but i’ll never show that im hurt

I need someone to make me feel okay

Eyes talk better than words sometimes

My heart is full of unsaid words

Thinking about you never ends

Ignore me and I’ll do the same .

I m not that someone anymore

Once i lose interest it’s over .

Be mine, i’ll keep you forever ?

im sorry, im really sorry for being me

There is no one else as special as you

So many different mood in one day

Bestfriend love is a different type of love

i appreciate people that ask about me

i hate how sensitive i am sometimes

Damn i miss my fav person so much

Once you lose me, u lost me forever

i wanna mute my overthinking

i know everything, i’m just quiet

i just don’t want to get hurt again

i really want to hug you but u r so far

Songs explain what i can’t explain

It’s hard missing someone I can’t talk to

You’ll always be my favorite person

i always hide what hurts me the most

I hope u feel what I’m feeling too

Nothing new, still thinking about you

if I get mad at you, that means i care

my heart feels heavy but thats okay

i automatically smile when you text me

You stole my heart take care of it

everyone leaves in the end anyway

i get so happy when you talk to me

Please call me, I miss your voice

Sometimes music is the only medicine

Take me back to the good old days

True friends are always there for you

My thoughts always destroy my mood

My mood changes in 0.5 seconds

I’m sorry, I’m really sorry for being me

I wish i can hug u whenever i miss you

it’s hard for me to stay away from you

Music makes everything feel better

i appreciate honesty more than anything

it’s hard for me to express what i feel

Remember when i said i am fine? Yeah, I lied.

current mood: i wanna talk with you

I’m trying really hard not to hurt again.

My only wish is to be with u forever

I feel empty when you’re not with me.

Sometimes it feels better not to talk

Don’t worry, the right ones won’t leave

I spend my whole day thinking of u

Talking to you makes everything better

My favorite memory was meeting you

i can’t explain the way i’m missing you

Need someone who care about me

I overthink because I notice everything

I’m tired, but I’m still trying my best

i hope you never get tired of me

if you need me, i’d always be here.

Million feelings, for one special person

I miss you a lot, but it’s okay. I’m fine

i still remember our last eye contact

I am okay & not okay at the same time

It scares me how temporary everything is

Take me back to the last time we met

My Status are messages for you

I want someone I can talk to all day.

I don’t want others attention, I want yours

i hate pretending like it doesn’t hurt

Missing the same person, everyday.

i spend my nights thinking about you

I love it when I see you happy

Smallest lie can break the biggest trust

You are the only one my heart wants

I love you stay safe where ever u are

I did my best to keep you. I’m done trying

My mind never stopped thinking about u

I’m done begging for your attention.

there’s a lot in my heart but i can’t say

i hate waiting, but i’ll wait for you

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